Electrical Maintenance Polokwane

At Von Benecke Electrical, we have a dedicated electrical maintenance team consistently ready to attend to any electrician jobs required in Polokwane. Our team, fronted by our administration staff, is dedicated to receiving calls and providing prompt electrical maintenance quotes and bookings. Whether you need a large scale electrical maintenance fault find, test and repair, or you simply want to change over light fittings in your home, Von Benecke Electrical can do it.

Depending on the work you require, our electrical contractors and administration staff can provide you pricing based on the task at hand to best suit your needs. Our electrical maintenance electricians are available for assistance on-site if you require another set of hands, or qualified electrical contractors to finalize the installation. With Von Benecke Electrical as your residential and commercial electrician you can be confident that the job is done right!

Electrical maintenance can be risky and dangerous work, which is why it’s always best to ensure you have a team of qualified electricians performing works at your house. Home owners and builders often attempt DIY-solutions when it comes to electrical maintenance in the attempt to save time or money, but unlike most other trades, electrical work requires certification to legally sell or rent your property; in order to achieve legal certification, an electrician with a contractor’s license needs to perform the task at hand. The same applies for commercial electrician services, yet with even greater risk. Working with 3-phase power should always be strictly left to the professionals. Commercial lighting, for example, commonly requires elevated working platforms to carry out the work safely. Von Benecke Electrical provides the most cost effective and certified quality service you will find in Polokwane.